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Just before sunrise, I pulled up at Bar Beach gazing north east; sprinkled cloud cover seemed set for a great sunrise.

Unfortunately, the clouds shifted revealing a particularly grey, lifeless dawn: flat light, most of the time.  Not a photographer’s favourite conditions…

Sun poked through for odd short misty bursts though, and there was plenty of other activity to take in.  Two things which made me grin were another photographer on the sand, enjoying a morning shoot herself, plus a couple of young guys whooping for joy at seeing clean swells (most of the week’s seen pretty messy wave action) before jumping into the water beside to go and enjoy ’em.

Oh, last two shots are actually from yesterday evening’s sunset – quite the stunner it was.  Have a great weekend 🙂

assessment paddle.jpgmisty glimpse.jpgearly shoot.jpgfishing pause.jpgheading out.jpgfun off.jpghighlighted.jpgglowing burbs.jpgbar beach rays.jpg

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