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Water’s been pretty flat recently, but today small-but-rideable sets were rolling in, so decided to focus on (no pun intended) a bunch of surfers this morning, at the southern end of Bar Beach.

Another cold one, but clear as a bell; great light bouncing around.  The surfers I was shooting assured me it was warmer in than out; do hope so, for their sakes.  My fingers were numb just pressing the shutter…  Thoroughly enjoyed it though; always love watching surfers (always wish I could do what they do!).

This’ll be my last beach+life post for a short while; heading to the UK, Olympics-bound, plus catch up with great friends and family.  To say I’m incredibly excited is something of an understatement.  Will attempt a few updates on my Facebook page, while there.

Take good care – see you in a few weeks 🙂

descent.jpgclean wall.jpgsunrise photography.jpgrun off.jpgsteambound.jpgspace 2.jpgforthy ride.jpgdeceptively cool.jpgsteamy splash.jpgshimmering sands.jpgtanker watch.jpg

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