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Before there was any light this morning, the temperature was still 23 degrees. Since the sun made its (rather stunning) appearance at around 5:40am the temperature has been climbing ever since. Now it’s low 30s plus 80% humidity: one sizzler of a day.

Didn’t move too far or too fast as a result, this morning: wanted to enjoy the warmth rather than suffer from it. Hung around Dixon Park and southern Bar Beach; witnessed a calm, beautiful soft pink dawn; saw a few surfers doing what they could with such small waves (1-2 feet max, though forecast to increase a little tomorrow) and was passed by the usual walkers and joggers, including one dedicated lady who I’ve seen countless times: tearing up the sand without fail, at 6am each morning (2nd shot).

I was also mobbed by a bunch of friendly boot campers, being put through their paces by Michelle from Newcastle Outdoor Fitness. Seemed I was sitting right in their path as they ran back and forth… Looked like fun, but given the heat: rather them than me.

(Think I’ll have a cool swim at the Ocean Baths later, instead.)

Enjoy the weekend as the heat keeps on coming. Officially the start of summer tomorrow; feels about right 🙂


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