Welcome to Monday: a bit of a confused one weather-wise. As I type it’s windy and overcast; half an hour ago it was warm and sunny.

This morning, down at Newie Beach, was just as variable: cold, but sunny, then cloudy… This, combined with a messy, choppy sea seemed to keep a lot of people indoors: especially surfers. Only saw one body boarder – he didn’t seem to be catching much.

Yesterday, however, I saw some pretty impressive surfing on much cleaner waves: went over to Stockton to check out some of Surfest’s Orica Tag Team Challenge – all the surfing pics below are from then. Including the last one, which (as far as I can tell) wasn’t a guy competing; just a local nearby, enjoying the swell.

Have a great day, and check Weather Photography Australia’s facebook page – one of my shots from Friday morning made it as one of their photos of the day 🙂


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