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Was actually teaching a photography lesson, this morning, to the very talented Vicky. Being in teacher mode, I was focusing (s’cuse the pun) more on helping Vicky and so captured less shots than usual, but I still got some gooduns.

We were at Redhead Beach, concentrating on landscapes. The light was wonderful when we arrived and got better and better, right up until about 10 minutes after sunrise. Then the cloud intervened and everything went flat.

So after playing with some long exposures (blurring water against rocks) we turned our attention to stalking a couple of Nankeen kestrels looking for food on the dunes. Although not what I was intending, today’s favourite shot ended up being the first pic below – a “different” angle, eh?

Sunny for most of the rest of the week – get outside if you can, guys 🙂


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