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Wow – how different is this morning from the rest of the week?! For days we’ve had cool, clear sunrises; stunning light and incredible swells to match. Today’s first light: grey and rainy, set to stay like that for the next few hours.

Can’t complain too much; weekend’s supposed to be brighter and those plants do need the odd drink? Still, thought I’d throw you a bit of sunshine to brighten up your Friday: today’s pics are from yesterday morning which saw me getting up at 4am to drive up to Port Stevens – Zenith Beach, to be precise.

Arrived under a blanket of stars, a bit before 6am, and was the only one on the sands. Being on Zenith is always an interesting contrast from more urban beaches, like Merewether on Wednesday. Found myself a rocky perch on the south end, pointed my camera towards the slither of horizon light poking through, sat back and enjoyed the colour changes.

Have a great weekend, all – my wife’s forcing me to do no work this weekend; sounds rather wonderful 🙂




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