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Hi guys – you may have noticed I’ve been absent for a couple of months, but I have been around.

After a crazy end to 2015, January was time off: holidays with family in some cool places – got a few great pics I’ll share soon. February, I’ve been back in Newy, but running around with various other work on the go.

Despite this, I’ve been back to the beach a few times, particularly this week: Surfest week.

Always great to soak in that once-a-year feeling when Merewether Beach mixes with world-class surfing talent. Amazing athletes, on our very own doorstep.

So this is a collection of a few favourites, not from the competition itself (plenty of videos and images of that through official channels) but from my favourite part: warm up sessions at sunrise. Because that’s when the light’s fantastic, and this combines with some serious competitor preparation before the heats start.

Enjoy 🙂

Summer 2016 (Aus)Summer 2016 (Aus)Summer 2016 (Aus)Summer 2016 (Aus)Summer 2016 (Aus)Summer 2016 (Aus)Summer 2016 (Aus)Summer 2016 (Aus)Summer 2016 (Aus)Summer 2016 (Aus)Summer 2016 (Aus)

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