Do you grab your phone camera or compact point-and-shoot, then just, well: point and shoot?  Have you treated yourself to a more expensive camera, perhaps even a DSLR, with lots of creative functions, but you’re scared to take it off ‘auto’?  Ever wanted to know more about what goes into a good photo, and how you can start creating them yourself?

Photography is an enormous subject; one all photographers never stop learning from, from absolute beginners to seasoned professionals. Luckily, it’s also fun, with every stage stimulating and addictive from the get go.

learn dawn photographyimprove people photographycreate landscapes you're proud ofpractice nature photographylearn to capture the momentfocus on detailsshoot sports photographycreate shots which catch your eyepreserve special momentslook at your surroundings differentlyadd colour to your shotsplan for that photographic momentenjoy great classroom locationsget artyacquire new software techniqesshoot in low lightexperiment with new anglesappreciate what light can do for youlearn with Bencapture photos you're proud of



One-to-one with Ben, who has years of experience as a professional photographer and teacher.  You’ll enjoy flexible tutorials designed to go at your own pace; starting at your current level and improving from there.  Soon, you’ll start capturing those moments you’ve always wanted, whatever your preferred photographic style or subject: landscapes to close-ups, wildlife to babies.

Tutorials are relaxed and mostly practical – each one starting with personalised and attainable learning objectives, then going out together on a shoot.  After 10 years as an educator, Ben knows by far the most effective way to learn is to do, and make sure you have fun in the process. After every shoot, you’ll sit down with Ben to discuss what you liked and what you found challenging, and adapt subsequent lessons to suit.  Ben will also assign you projects designed to guide your practice and to help you enjoy the various new aspects of photography you’ll discover.  Homework, sure – but fun homework, we promise.

Packages start at $160.  Please get in touch – Ben will email you lots more details, plus arrange an initial chat free of charge, to get a feel for how best to tailor a teaching package based on your needs.


“I had thought that having a decent camera was all that I needed to take good photos, but it turns out there’s a lot more to it!  I met Ben on the beach one morning and when I found out he did lessons I decided to give it a go.  Ben took the time to find out what I already knew and what I wanted to achieve with the lessons, then created a personalised lesson plan.  He’s a great teacher, and I really enjoyed the lessons.  It’s been great to see my photos improve!” – Rosie Marley

“Thank you for the wonderful lesson again this morning. I have been happily reading, playing with my camera for the past 6 months thinking it was the way to learn, but it is not. You actually have do it to get your head around it. I am so glad I am taking these lessons. Thanks again!” – Vicky Cullen

“I would like to thank you for your patience and enthusiasm whilst teaching us. I liked your professional approach with working out a curriculum that suited our current level of skills and took into account what we wanted to learn next. The versatility of each lesson helped with fitting in with our schedules and your down to earth approach made it more relaxing and enjoyable. There is still plenty for us to learn, discover and practice and your encouragement to keep going is greatly appreciated. Thank you again for your time and expertise. “ – Debra Scott (lessons with a friend)



Shutter speed


Time of day (sun position, ISO, noise etc)
White balance (including colour temperature)
Light direction
Light quality


Framing and cropping
Rule of thirds
Patterns and repetition
Foreground, background and middleground
Leading lines


Exposure (including histogram)
Cropping and straightening
Sharpening and softening
White balance (including colour temperature)
Contrast and curves
Saturation and vibrancy
Dodge and burn layers
Highlights and shadows
Touching up


Bodies (camera phone, compact, SLR etc)
Tripod, monopod and beanbag
Batteries and memory cards
Cleaning equipment and routines