Weddings are beautiful, magical, wondrous, fun and joy-filled things. Being a part of them is pretty special. The images we capture will stay with you for the rest of your lives; that’s not a responsibility we take lightly.

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Photography is a way of life for us and we’re honoured to be entrusted by couples on such an amazing day. We also get a genuine thrill, showcasing a wedding’s story in beautiful photographs shining with warmth and love.

Ben is primarily a natural light photographer; he looks to frame emotion, detail and precious moments. We also know the location you choose means a lot, and will work to produce beautiful images that showcase the unique set-up you create there for your wedding.

It is important to find a wedding photographer who can handle such a multi-faceted event: nerves, emotions, weather conditions, last minute changes, the list goes on. We know, with nearly five years under our belts, we have an ideal combination of expertise and fresh passion. Being at ease with your photographer, who is going to be with you for most of the day, also plays a significant role. We offer an informal chat at our home studio, for just this reason; no strings attached. You need to feel comfortable with Ben, which allows things to happen naturally on your wedding day. It’s also essential you have fun in the process.

All our editing and design is done in-house by Ben, and we have great relationships with high-quality, local suppliers, for professional printing and artwork production. We cover most areas in and around Newcastle, the Hunter Valley, and on the Central and Mid-North Coasts of NSW. We are a small, boutique business that, above all, strives for quality.

Our packages start at $2400 and can be tailored to suit you. Please get in touch for more information.